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Beware some websites copy our school, We are the first and real school in Thailand for 15 years

We teach our school to do a tattoo on real skins from the second week till the last days

We give a big size of tattoo for our student can done in 6 hour's . Please check students artwork first before you book tattoo school in Thailand


Are you looking for a professional tattoo artist training school? Here at Tattoo School Thailand we offer all the traditional and modern  training you will need to make a career out of this art. While other tattoo training schools make this a long and tedious process, we have a simplified course curriculum. This is what makes our School to the superior place to learn tattooing.

our students team

We provide exceptional tattoo artist training

With our help you can learn a range of various tattooing techniques that will have you producing artwork to  Kanthimaa high level in a short span of time. Our courses are all designed and taught by masters of the art who have honed their skills over decades of experience. Their expertise is what makes our training courses in Hua Hin, Thailand the best. Our history in the industry has also garnered our institution a number of international awards which is why we can boast a curriculum that’s second to none.

Our training school takes online payments, meaning you can enroll in advance no matter where you happen to be. We recognize that to become a good tattooist your education needs to be results orientated, intense and proven effective. Any school therefore is only as good as its teachers. For this reason our tattoo training school is recognized as one of the best in Thailand, as our masters consistently train pupils into experts.

Our tattoo classes are different

If you are serious about learning this art form and making a career out of it then we welcome you heartily at our school. Online you will find many other courses who offer ‘too-good-to-be true’ results. We are different. We claim only what we can do and are confident that you’ll gain proficiency under the guidance of our master teachers. Our courses contain a mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical lessons. Within the second week you will see yourself working with a professional tattooing machine.

It’s a simple fact that learning is generally accomplished with thorough practice and concentration. This is the method we utilize at our school. This is how we are able to produce some of the top tattooists worldwide.

 tattoo trainings school
Our tattoo school produces some of the best tattoo artists worldwide 

So, what are you waiting for? With our  training school accepting online payments, enrollment is Gittaeasy. With limited availability, if you would like to guarantee a spot on our course then sign up today.Tattoo School Thailand adheres to strict clinical standards. The only  school in Thailand to be registered with the government for “tattoo and art courses,” we provide a 100% hygienic studio, and use only sterilized equipment in a safe, well-monitored environment Master Training Thailand and Tattooing Services for Any Budget, Any Experience Level

From basics to advanced and traditional bamboo training, our courses are affordable targeted toward any experience level. We specialize in teaching the traditional and modern techniques of Thai Oriental tattooing, incorporating new and old school designs, as well as custom artwork, into the program. Offering you real-world experience and technical training, you’ll begin working on live models within the second week of your beginner class for a true immerse experience.And we don’t just offer tattoo training courses. For custom and traditional tattooing services, we welcome a diverse clientele through our doors. Receiving a tattoo from Kanthima or Gitta is a treasure to behold. Internationally renowned for our experimental designs, we create masterpieces that you’ll wear proudly for life.



If you are a part of us. We are the only place give you work on real skin from the beginning till the last day of the course.
And for sure you will do only good size and nice design on real model.

art training

Here is our students Gallery Please Click

Tattoo training in Hua Hin Thailand

Whether you’re seeking the tattoo training of a lifetime or a master artist to ink your next piece of bod yart, you’ll find unlimited inspiration from Training's School in Thailand Call us today, and get ready to make your own unique mark on the tattoo industry.Get an Education, While You’re on Vacation!Enrolling in courses at Training's Center in Thailand only scratches the surface of the experiences you’ll discover when you journey to the city of Hua Hin. Considered a choice beach resort by Thai Royalty for many generations, Hua Hin nearly sings with an array of culture Explore white sand beaches, elephant-led tours, exciting shopping districts, countless historical sites, and more. From kite-surfing to dining on notoriously delicious Thai cuisine, when you’re not studying tattooing, Hua Hin will keep you constantly entertained.

New for 2015 permanent make-up training courses


learn permanent tattooing in beautiful setting


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