Gallery for Jake of Australia

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Tattoo Courses Uncover Australian Student’s Raw Talent

Jake loved his experience so much at Tattoo School Thailand that he was truly sad to go home to Australia Truth be told canada goose, Jake didn’t have any tattooing experience prior to taking our tattoo courses,but that didn’t stop him from flourishing as an artist. He immersed himself in our learning practices and budded into a genuine tattooist. He left with the potential to make it in the tattoo world – and we can do the same for you!

As you’ll see he tried and succeeded at a variety of tattoo designs and techniques. His artwork is flawless in both color and black and gray. Take time to look at his Jesus and Mary tattoo. You can see his artistic process in completing this gem of a tattoo! He utilizes shading to convey emotion. You can vividly see the somber look on Mary’s face with red tears to emphasize this feeling. Also worthy of notable mention is Jake’s koi in black and gray goose canada, for its shading and enormous size. He flawlessly inks this design on the shoulder of his model and wraps it across the chest without making it feel disconnected.

Looking through Jake’s gallery, you really get a glimpse of his talents in practice and an accurate picture of what talent comes out of our tattoo courses. Just think – you could be inking tattoos of this quality with our training! Find out what talents you harbor by enrolling today. Contact us to get more information and enroll today